Dolphin Dreams

Guided Meditation

Soothing Relaxation

First Track Crown Chakra

Deva Whispers by Deva Whispers

Guided Meditation

Dolphin Dreams is a wonderful way to take an inner journey to swim with the dolphins, balance the chakras and to go into a soothing healing altered state. It has been used for jet lag, creative visualization and pain control. Deva has used this CD for pain control of the injuries she sustained a few years past that changed her life forcing her to make major changes in how she lived each day.

This album was the created as a result of her near death experience in the 80's when she was in excruciating pain and led to this technique being created to sooth and relax bringing the much needed deep sleep to heal. Many have used Dolphin Dreams when doing chemotherapy, radiation and others powerful treatments that cause many side effects. Body Mind and Spirit are connected as one and it is so important to have balance to heal. 

 "I was diagnosed with lung cancer..Was it real? I don't know to this day what I do know is I swam with the Dolphins many times leading up to the day for the biopsy..I told the tech "Don't be surprised if it gone. I've been swimming with the Dolphins and Deva." It could happen, right? It did. There was nothing left to sample. It was gone..Thank You Deva for your enchanting journey. I will always be grateful for that meditation"...Lady Jay

Dolphin's are magical creatures. They have compassion love and are very playful. It is our responsibility to respect their home and to protect them from those who harm them.

When we swim with wild Dolphins we do not touch them or chase them. We only use snorkels mask and fins to honor the energy of their home below.

We also allow them to "Come Close" and if you have love in your heart they will do so and say hello.  Dolphins brings smiles and you watch them play and they are the Therapist's of the Sea as they have a profound effect upon those grieving, emotionally disturbed and other aliments we humans have.

My CD is channeled from my own experience
swimming with them for 7 days out in the Bermuda Triangle.  As you relax you will travel with me
under the sea to play in their world..

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